Tre North


is the Executive Pastor of Life Changers Church located in Austin, Texas. His mission is to reach the unsaved, untaught and the uncommitted.

He is an inspiring podcaster who enjoys discussing random topics such as relationships, current news and every day life issues. The mission of this podcast is to bring people together to gain insight on some of the toughest to the smallest issues of life with knowledge and a little bit of laughter.


Tre enjoys traveling, music, movies, and hanging out with friends. 

Chris McAllister


is the Senior Pastor of Life Changers Church in the great city of Austin Tx. 


He is a man in relentless pursuit of the things and knowledge of God. His mission is to help Change Lives through any and all forms of communication.


He enjoys podcasting on the Next15Podcast because it helps bring out the relatable topics & news today, that people tend to run from. 

Chris enjoys Theme Parks, Sports, Preaching & PlayStation!!!  

Tyrance "Ty" Holsey


is an educator and coach working and living in the Dallas, Tx area. Ty has been an educator and coach for 14 years. Ty is a member of OakCliff Bible Fellowship in the Dallas area, and currently serves on the prayer ministry. He is an aspiring public speaker.  


Ty is a proud father of a 13 year old son.  Ty is passionate about serving God and leading others to Christ.  He is excited and humbled to be a part of the podcast, and hopes to inspire and motivate the people he comes in contact with. He believes it's not how you start, but how you finish. 

He enjoys exercising, going to and watching movies, traveling, hanging out with his son, a good social outing with friends and family.