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Podcast Guest Appearances

Juan Aleman II

Actor and Voice Over Artist/Podcast Host

Juan has starred in television sitcoms, commercials and films Some of his credits consists of sitcoms such as Grimm, Hardball, and more. His most recent project is the 2020 movie "Chased" available on Amazon, Vudu and other platforms. He has also appeared in movies such as "Strange Days", "Forget Paris", "Game on", and "Never Mind the Knife". He has also starred in several commercials. Juan is also the host of "The 80's Hour" and "Wrestling Way Back Podcast" which can be found on


Podcast Episode Credits: Special Guest Co host: "Gratuity: Earned or Expected" 


Pastor Monica Rivers

Pastor of Echad Ministries

Born and raised in North Orlando, FL. She was instructed by God to move to Rockford, IL in January of 2013. She accepted her call to preach the gospel. She was licensed in ministry by Pastor Ronald G. Alexander in January 2015 and ordained on May 19, 2019 by Pastor Al Hall of Believers International Fellowship of Shreveport, LA. She has been awarded for her community involvement in Florida. Her greatest accomplishment is accepting and operating in her purpose as a servant of the Lord.


Podcast Episode Credits: Special Guest Co-host: "HIS LOVE: Let's Talk About Relationships"   "Sabotage"

Rod Garrett

Business Owner

Owner of Bald Bearded & Blessed, an e-commerce apparel business and Co-Owner of Ubiquitous Enterprises LLC.  Rod lives in Humble, Texas and has

Podcast Episode Credits: Special Guest Co-host: "Enough, Part 2", "Who am I?: Part 3 He-Motional."

Websites: and

Social Media: BaldBearded&Blessed (Instagram and Facebook)

Andrea Clark

Para Transit Operator/CoHost

Andrea is a native of Austin, Texas and a  single mother of 4 daughters and 1 son. She has been in the  transportation industry for over 7 years working with people with disabilities. Andrea is currently working on her continued education and spiritual growth.  She enjoys shopping, playing kickball and volleyball and spending time with friends and family. 

Podcast Episode Credits: "Family Matters Part 2", "Teenage Dating",  "Random-Ish: The Debate and The Great Debate Part 2"  , "Who Am I?: Part 2 In Peace Not in Pieces".

Trae Lee

Customer Service Guru

Trae, a personal friend of mine, has worked in the retail and customer service industry for over 20 years. Trae's 20 years of experience working in restaurants and bars credited his appearance on our show entitled "Gratuity: The Other Side of  The Table" where we discussed should tipping be expected or earned from a server's perspective.  

Tiffany Paschal

Client Experience Manager/Business Owner/Minister

Tiffany is Minister at Life Changers Church located in Austin, Texas where she serves in various departments such as Intercessory Prayer, Ministry of Music and other facets of the ministry. Tiffany is an Independent Distributor with Total Life Changes where she offers health and wellness products that improves health and promotes weight maintenance.

Podcast Episode Credits: "Why Do Women Cheat?", "Enough! Part 2"


Dwyane McAllister

Associate Pastor/Personal Friend

Dwyane is the Associate Pastor of Family of Faith Christian Church located in Tyler, Texas. He is married with 6 children and a personal friend of mine for over 20 years. Dwyane enjoys watching football, traveling and hanging out with friends and family.


Podcast Episode Credits: "What Guys Want!" 

Ty Holsey

Texas Educator/Track Coach/Podcaster

Ty, is a Texas Educator, sports coach, father, husband and lover of Christ. Ty is a personal friend of mine and loves to have deep conversations about relationships,  Christianity, purpose and other topics related to life.  Ty enjoys working out  and spending time with his family. Ty  is also a former cohost of the show.

Podcast Episode Credits: "Let's Talk About Love!"  "Am I Qualified?"   "Scandal-ish Random-ish" 



Nichole "Nic" Taylor

CEO/Executive Producer/Podcaster

Nic Taylor is the owner of Noiz Radio Network, and  Executive Producer and Host of The Drip Podcast. She is married to Producer Andre "Ski" Taylor, a mother of 5 children and and grandmother of 2.  Nic enjoys family gatherings, good conversation, coffee and a good book. Nic believes that love is the key to life and we need to know what it really means so that we can operate effectively in it!

Podcast Episode Credits: "ELEVEN.(ways to save your relationship)"


Social Media: thedrippodcast19 (Instagram) The Drip Podcast (Facebook)

Vanessa woods-white.jpeg

Vanessa Woods -White

CEO/Life Coach/Multi-Business Owner

Having had to rebuild her own life on more than one occasion, Vanessa, has built a reputation of trustworthiness and mentorship. She’s a multi-business owner that also grew her career in corporate America, with her last position as a Human Resources Executive in the hotel industry. All being done with intention and strategy.

Podcast Episode Credits: "Finish Line"


Social Media: theonlyv (Instagram) idrivebusiness (Instagram)  IDrive Business Consulting (Facebook)

Divine Perfection Body Care (Facebook)

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