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Managing Our Emotions

Updated: May 6, 2021

Sometimes in life we face challenges that cause us to fall into emotional mismanagement. Emotional mismanagement happens when you allow one emotion to manage your reaction by taking on additional reactions instead of dealing with the original emotion. For example, your best friend does something to you that makes you cry. Instead of dealing with the issue of sadness, you become angry, disappointed, or even vengeful. These emotions can cause you to act out of character and do things that you could possibly regret later. If we are not careful, our emotions can lead us toward toxic situations that can be dangerous to our mental and physical health. Sometimes, we have to meet our emotions at the exact time and place where it derived from. I want to encourage you to never allow emotions to dictate your life. You are greater than your emotions. If you would like to learn more about emotional mismanagement, listen to “Doors” an Inspirational Podcast that I think will help you on your journey in life. -TreNorth

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