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Patience: His Timing is Perfect!

“ Don’t mistake God’s patience for His absence. His timing is perfect, and He is always with you.” Deuteronomy 3:16. Sometimes when I am facing the completion of a task and it seems as if there is not enough time to complete it, I push a panic button. That is a clue that I am wavering in my faith and have moved away from being kind and loving. I stop and take a breath. I feel my attention move with flow of my breath into my heart. I let go of irritations and move forward. I remind myself that I can do all things with God’s help. I have all the time, energy, and patience to accomplish what is mines to do. I am a loving expression of Spirit, and I am here to express my true nature in the world. I do not allow scheduled, activities, or demands to convince me I have too little to be the expression I am!

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Love your post. Thank you so much for sharing.

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