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“If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it.” John 14:14.

If we, as the people of God felt as we should, that prayer is the best we can give, it would be first in all Christian work. To me, prayer is to submit every thought, wish, and resolve to God. To feel His presence, so it shall restrain us even our wildest joy. To connect all our thoughts with the thoughts of God. If we have attained any measures of goodness, if we have resisted, temptations, or for if we live with desires beyond common desires, we shall not hesitate to attribute all to prayer. God is an inexhaustible reservoir of life’s best blessings, He waits eagerly to bestow them upon us. The blessings are free, if we pray in faith. It is not the praying that makes us good, not even the sincerity in our prayers. Nor is it the feeling of dependence on Christ. But the things for which we depend. If we have to wait a long time; waiting for God to answer “yes,” we must stop and realize that God sometimes answers “no” to our requests. We have need of patience in prayers, God does not always give a speedy answer to the petitions of His children. No day is well spent without a still moment. The habit of being calm in the midst of duties is a masterful habit. It gives time for mental poise and spiritual development. Waiting on God implies taking time to commune with Him and keeping the ear of the heart open to hear only Him speak. God gives us all we ask for and in the best way! He does not measure the answer by the size of the request. He goes down beneath the request and finds the real need, and answers that need. John 16:24 says “Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full.” Everyone have a safe, prayerful, and prosperous day. I love you all!

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