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Your Miracle Is On The Way!

I know it seems as if you have been in a situation for a very long time and are about to give up. I plead with you to keep the faith and keep holding on because your miracle is on the way. Just keep believing in God, your day will come. You may be sitting on the road side now, but if you continue to believe God, your miracle will come. When Jesus came to town everyone knew it. They had heard about Him healing the blind and setting the oppressed free. His fame went out before Him! Bartimaeus, the blind man, would sit by the road begging for what the world had to offer him. He was at their mercy. He was taking the crumbs, begging for whatever he could get. Little did he know that when he sat out by the road that his miracle was walking down the road. He didn’t know that this was the last day of his problem. Suddenly Jesus called Bartimaeus over to him and asked him what he wanted done for him. He said his sight! Jesus stated, “Go your way, your faith has made you whole.” The Bible says that he immediately received his sight! You might have been in the same situation for a long time and have been sitting by the side of the road for a long time. I urge you to keep the faith and wait patiently. Jesus is coming down the road. He has your miracle with Him! Grab it! This may be the last time your miracle ever walks down the road. Cry out to Him. He will stop, He will call you unto Himself, and He will give you your miracle. God is going to do something for you today. If you grab onto your miracle today as Jesus walks by, you will be changed forever. Where are you today? Do you need a miracle? Don’t just ask for a temporary solution to your problem. Get to the root of the problem and ask for what you need to completely taken care of for once and for all. Begin to cry out to God and as your miracle comes down the road, grab it and don’t let go! Everyone have a safe, blessed, and prosperous day! I love all of you!

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