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I am Guided from Within

“You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me with honor.” Psalm 73:24

When I am facing major or minor decisions, the guidance I need is always readily available. Sometimes I read what experts advise or listen to the opinion of family or friends. But most important, I turn within for meditative prayer. When I do, I feel the presence of divine life, love and light that sustains me through every experience. I realize that my answer must come from God! I go apart from a time in the silence, mindfully releasing any tension in my body and bringing spaciousness to any worrisome thoughts. I surround the situation at hand, and with gratitude, I invite guidance to be revealed. God speaks to the heart, which is always life-affirming, loving and good! As I turn within to the source of divine guidance, my way becomes clear. Everyone have a safe, peaceful, and blessed day! I love all of you!

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