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Our Prayers Have Power!

“Brothers and sisters, pray for us, so that the word of the Lord May spread rapidly and be glorified everywhere, just as it is among you.” 2 Thessalonians 3:1. Prayer has much impact on our body, mind, and soul. The root of all prayer is love. When we pray affirmatively (with the help of the Holy Spirit) we create a sacred and powerful prayer consciousness. Prayer consciousness spans the globe, and our prayers are powerful. Prayer unites us in communion with God and one another. Each person is our brother, sister, and loved one. I learned when I pray, I need to stop focusing on particular needs or wants, or a particular situation, but on a greater awareness of God! The power of God evokes change in every life. I affirm God’s goodness as I pray. Today let’s put aside any fears, doubts or judgments and focus on the love of God. God’s love protects us and casts out all fears. He always meet us more than halfway giving us the courage and strength to live with an open heart. Let’s show Him that we love and trust Him by putting this virus crisis in his hands and acknowledge Him with praise and thanksgiving and He will heal, deliver and set us free of this deadly attack! Everyone have a safe, fearless, and blessed day! I love you all.

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