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Speaking Words of Wisdom

Good Morning Everyone: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord.” Psalm 19:14. We must create our life from the inside out. Our words demonstrate what we believe. As we think and talk in alignment with our faith in God’s good for us, we see God’s good unfolding. Limited thinking affects my experience of life, but I may not be aware until I pay attention to my words. I listen to how my speech reveals my beliefs. If I hear myself talking about lack, disease, or limitations, I recognize the thoughts underlying my words and I consciously choose differently. We are divine creations, worthy of every good. We must refrain from using words that reinforce the illusion of lack. I claim wholeness, love, and prosperity. My words demonstrate my faith in God’s good manifesting in my life. Today I encourage everyone to speak words of wisdom. Have a blessed, prosperous, and safe day. I love you all!

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